20 Best Responsive & SEO Friendly Bootstrap HTML5 Website Templates 2017

Bootstrap Website Templates

When we hear the word computer, most of us think of the standard desktop variation. However, in today’s tech-oriented society, almost any device can fall into that category. Even our phones have rapidly morphed into powerful mini-computers, capable of astonishing feats.

However, any innovation will be reduced to a fun gimmick, if it lacks the infrastructure that could support it. Just a few years ago, mobile-responsiveness was quite rare, as many sites chose to neglect those who prefer hand-held devices. However, the landscape has evolved considerably. Lately, the market has made great efforts to include mobile users, while the devices themselves have seen a rapid increase in screen size and resolution.

For those seeking to create personal or business sites, Bootstrap HTML5 website templates are a blessing. They offer to enhance any web page or application, while making every feature mobile-responsive. As a business owner, this can drastically improve your quality of life. Gone are the days when you had to be tied to a desk chair. You can now administer your site, write new posts, or even auction products while traveling. As long as you own a quality Bootstrap website template and a smartphone or tablet, you won’t miss out on anything.



Pivot is an adaptable, powerful HTML template that was constructed using Bootstrap. It can enhance any resume, agency, portfolio, business, or education web page. Its large roster of features allows it to fit any role. Pivot’s layout is responsive towards mobile devices, and it can work with any web browser or operating system. If your goal is to create a successful website or app, this product can be your greatest ally. Thanks to the incredible Variant Page Builder, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

At your disposal, there will be more than 70 content blocks. Each of these blocks can be combined into various configurations, as you attempt to personalize your page. In addition, customers can enjoy 4 contact forms, multiple color themes, and 3 menu versions. There are multiple page headers, and some practical Swift Mailer forms.

Retina-ready icons are included, and they can be displayed on high-resolution Retina displays. You will also gain access to a gorgeous Lightbox Gallery, and some useful PSD files. This product has fully-functional Instagram feeds, and a gorgeous Lightbox gallery. If you want to sample Pivot without having to spend any money, be sure to check out the live preview.



Pages is a charming admin dashboard and web application template that refuses to be mediocre. It offers both an AngularJS and HTML version. This product is very powerful and adaptable, capable of fitting any role. It is based on a creative design philosophy that perfectly balances aesthetics with practicality. The navigation menu is powerful and user-friendly, yet it stays out of sight when it is not need. This reduces screen clutter and optimizes your browsing experience.

Thanks to the quick search function, you won’t have to endlessly sift through content. With just a single keyboard command, you can find whatever you are looking for. Pages was designed using a versatile UI framework, resulting in a highly-customizable experience for any customers. Your followers can now keep track of your activities, due to the implementation of a charming calendar widget. An email function was also integrated, encouraging communication between you, and the members of your community.

Pages is one of the fastest admin dashboard templates on the market. It respects its owner by not wasting time when loading content. In addition, layered PSD files were added. A live preview is available, for those who wish to sample this product before committing to a purchase.



Canvas is a modern HTML template that never fails to impress. Its layout is very powerful and responsive, capable of adapting to the screens of tablets and smartphones. Available in both one-page and multi-page formats, it allows the user to select a format that best suits his niche. You can use Canvas for apps, blogs, restaurant, wedding, parallax, magazine, agency, portfolio, corporate or business web pages. Upon installation, customers can benefit from over 75 fully-function homepage variations, in addition to 500 HTML files. With so many options, you are able to design a site that matches your vision.

HTML 5 videos and a Parallax Scrolling option were made available. There are 10 different menu style variations, and also 15 header types. Canvas has 7 beautiful sliders with more than 20 templates. Customers will also benefit from various event templates and calendars. You will be able to notify customers regarding upcoming events or releases. There are even eCommerce shop templates. In terms of visual customization, it is possible to alter your site’s color scheme, given that there are a limitless number of color customization options. For those who wish to sample Canvas without having to spend any money, a live preview was made available.



At the end of the day, a product will only stay relevant if it manages to gain the approval of its customers. Subjectivity plays a large role, because every client has different standards and needs. However, there are some objective standards of quality. Awwwards uses a non-biased panel in order to assess the most promising online products in the world. Rhythm is a multipurpose page template that has earned their approval, thanks to its unrelenting pursuit of quality.

Its vast roster of practical features makes it easy to personalize, and every user can modify the color scheme or page background. There are over 140 HTML files, in addition to 37 portfolio pages. Rhythm incorporates more than 400 Font Awesome icons, and some beautiful Parallax sections. An informative newsletter can be created, due to the inclusion of a working MailChimp newsletter form. Eye-catching animations will impress visitors, increasing your template’s visual appeal.

There are 9 blog layout versions, 5 post variants, and more than 100 Et-line icons. Menu bars can be transparent, dark or light. The layout is completely responsive, and it works well on any operating system, web browser, or device. An expansive theme documentation source was included, offering to explain every feature in detail.



Zap is an adaptable HTML5 template that includes many incredible features such as the Slider Revolution plugin. This multipurpose product can be used to enhance corporate, business, product, photography and portfolio websites. Mobile users can rejoice, given that Zap is entirely responsive. Your content can be easily displayed on desktop computers, smartphones, laptops and tablets. Regardless of your screen size or browser preference, you will be able to design an incredible page.

This template has a powerful and intuitive admin panel through which you can alter page colors, styles and fonts. For creative projects, Zap is ideal. It offers a PSD template that is very elegant and modern. Over 50 PSD files were added, simplifying the personalization process. You can even open your own online store, given that there are 3 distinct shop layouts. Merchandising can be a great way of boosting your revenue.

For new users, an extensive Documentation source was added. It explains every template feature in detail, offering to guide you through the customization process. With Zap, every installed extension is available. There are 7 distinct layouts, and each has its own charm. If you want to learn more about this theme, be sure to access the live preview.



Carna is a top-quality one page HTML5 template that can turn any project into a massive success. It has a gorgeous design and a flawless code, capable of enhancing every aspect of your site. Carna was constructed using the Bootstrap framework, and it can be used for blog, photography, business and corporate websites. Regardless of your niche, this template has you covered. In addition to its sizable roster of useful features, Carna also incorporates some premium plugin which were added free of charge. Users can enjoy the Master Slider, Slider Revolution, Cube Portfolio, and Qform Contact Form, without having to pay any additional fees.

The layout will be entirely responsive, capable of working on hand-held devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is also compatible with all major browsers and high resolution Retina displays. Carna includes jaw-dropping CSS3 animations, in addition to some Ajax blog transitions. Upon purchase, customers will also benefit from a series of free updates that promise to further improve this amazing product. Your entire site will support touch screen interactions, and it will be able to feature HTML videos. For more information regarding Carna and its features, be sure to check out the live preview.



Lydia is an incredible magazine and photography template that prides itself in offering a complete experience. This product is second to none, given that it incorporates a tool for any occasion. It can be used to improve the pages of creative agencies, photographers, artists, bloggers, digital studios, or freelance agents. Basically, if you need to impress potential employers with an aesthetically pleasing portfolio, this is the ideal product.

It was constructed using the Bootstrap framework, and it incorporates over 30 HTML pages. There are 3 header types, 11 color palettes, an Ajax portfolio, a one-page option and 8 different homepage layouts. The template is compatible with hand-held devices, and it can work on laptops, smartphones, desktop computers and tablets. Also, three premium scripts ($34) were included free of charge. Lydia can showcase your Instagram feed, and it incorporates an impressive roster of Parallax images and videos.

This product is optimized for search engines, and it can maximize your chances of climbing to a great search engine ranking position. MailChimp capabilities were also added, allowing you to setup a weekly newsletter for your loyal followers. If you want to learn more about Lydia, be sure to access the live preview.



Wolverine is an adaptable HTML template that can meet the needs of any customer. It can be used for eCommerce, corporate, creative agency or portfolio web pages. Basically, if you want to create a top-quality interactive site, Wolverine has your back. A completely responsive design is offered, given that your content can be scaled in order to fit any screen. In addition, this product is compatible with most browsers and operating systems. It should also be mentioned that a WordPress version can be purchased from Themeforest.

Wolverine has numerous template features, such as the creative slider element and gorgeous CSS3 animations. It can potentially automate your workflow and improve your browsing experience. You may also distribute your items, given that this template is eCommerce-ready. Upon purchase, every customer will receive a lifetime of free updates. This guarantees that your site will always keep up with the latest technological trends. You may display your page in a boxed or wide layout, depending on your preference. Wolverine is Fontawesome-ready, and it incorporates over 1000 gorgeous icons. Lack of choice is never an issue. For customers who wish to sample this product without having to commit to a purchase, a live preview was added.



Definity is a minimalist, clean, and adaptable HTML5 template, available in both one page and multi page formats. It is constructed using the Bootstrap framework and CSS. Inspired by a market that is quick to reward unique designs, Definity has many innovative personalization options. It can be used to enhance wedding, fashion, photography, resume, freelancer, and personal portfolio web page. Regardless of your niche, this product has you covered.

In total, Definity has over 20 content demos. There are no wrong choices, given that each demo has its own specific charm. You may also choose your menu bar variation: transparent, dark or light. SASS files were included, along with some login pages, landing pages, and a styled 404 page. There are multiple Google font options, allowing you to implement customized typography for your site. You can also include smooth scrolling, animated headings and Parallax sections.

Definity also incorporates full screen and full width video backgrounds. Styled Google maps were added, in addition to some very powerful shortcodes. The layout is entirely responsive, and it can work with any operating system, web browser or device. If you want to learn more about Definity, be sure to check out its live preview.



Massive is an incredible HTML template that incorporates over 260 pages and more than 50 homepage variations. Designing your site will become a simple and intuitive task, given that Massive contains every necessary tool. From start to finish, you will be able to create a fully functional page in just a few moments. You can use it for event, app landing, parallax, blog eCommerce, renovations, spa, hotel, restaurant, magazine, agency, photography, and portfolio sites. The layout is constructed using the Bootstrap framework, and it is fully responsive.

Followers will be able to access your content from tablets, smartphones, and laptops. In addition, Massive offers cross-browser compatibility. 15 pre-designed sliders were incorporated, in addition to 10 page titles and 6 footer options. There is a limitless number of theme color variations, allowing for a great degree of visual customization. With Massive, you will only be limited by what you can imagine.

It should be mentioned that the premium Slider Revolution plugin ($14) was added, free of charge. The entire template is optimized for search engines, increasing your chances of climbing search engine rankings. For those who wish to sample Massive and its modern features, a live preview was made available.



Hygge is a gorgeous multipurpose website template that offers onepage and multipage settings. It can be used to enhance any business, portfolio or personal blog page. Regardless of your needs, Hygge can meet them. Online branding is often dependent on a highly-recognizable color scheme. Thankfully, this product has 10 pre-made designs, and you can also create your own palettes. Customers will also benefit from multiple slider and header variations, as they attempt to create a unique experience for their followers.

Of course, community feedback and interaction should be at the top of your priority list. Hygge has incorporated Disqus, resulting in a comment section with many innovative features. In addition, it offers social network integration. With this product, you will be able to create a layout that perfectly matches your vision. Take advantage of numerous blog page, portfolio and post settings. With so many options, lack of choice will not be a problem.

Hygge has added over 40 SEO-ready HTML files, a pixel-perfect design, and a streamlined, well-written code. If you are a coder, your job will be made easier by this intuitive template. A live preview was included as well, for those who want to sample Hygge’s features.



Staying true to its name, this awesome HTML template can create an engaging experience. Its one-page Parallax design is flawless, featuring a fully responsive layout that can accommodate all devices. Indeed, Engage will work perfectly with laptops, tablets, desktop PCs, and smartphones. In addition, it is also cross-browser compatible. In total, Engage has four design concepts, and 18 distinct demos. The design is Retina ready, featuring full compatibility with high resolution retina displays. Engage has a fully-functional Ajax contact form with validation, and a practical Cube Portfolio.

Although it can be a relatively small detail, the implementation of customized typography can enhance the overall visual design of any page. Engage offers many Google Font variations, allowing you to create an aesthetic that perfectly matches your brand. In addition, you will also benefit from some Ionicons and Font Awesome Icons. With this product, users can implement stunning YouTube Video backgrounds that complement their content. It should also be mentioned that a WordPress version of Engage is coming soon. Even with a regular license, clients will receive 6 month of free support, and a series of future updates. If you prefer a more hand-on experience, be sure to access this template’s live preview.



Myway is a streamlined, multipurpose, one-page admin template. It is highly versatile, as it can adapt to a wide variety of roles. You can use Myway for promo page, landing, app, agency or portfolio websites. Every customer will benefit from a responsive, mobile-ready grid system that can seamlessly scale 12 columns in order to fit devices with various screen sizes. This is made possible by Bootstrap, which is the most prolific front-end framework on the market. Myway has more than a dozen reusable elements that can offer superior iconography, navigation, input groups, and alerts.

This product even works well with high resolution Retina displays. In addition, one page sites and section headers will include gorgeous Parallax effects. The download will include a staggering number of icons. With over 2000 distinct icons that scale to any size, you will be able to design a unique experience for your followers.

Site owners can embed third-party videos from platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube. Myway is extremely user-friendly, making it easy to personalize, or alter its colors and fonts. You can create a fully-function page in a matter of minutes. For those who wish to sample this template’s features, a live preview was incorporated.



Jango is an excellent HTML template that offers to enhance every aspect of your site or application. It incorporates many useful features, and a flawless design that never fails to impress. In the age of online commerce, every business website owner must do his best to maximize his revenue. Thankfully, Jango has 28 eCommerce pages, 3 eCommerce sidebar menus, JS functions and two new eCommerce footers.

Jango is not a static, unchanging product. It receives many free updates, each promising to expand the capabilities of this template. For example, the latest v 1.2 update has implemented 4 new footer options, 15 components, 2 one-page templates, Mega Menus with tablets, 2 new sidebar menus, and mobile header optimization options. Your platform will be never become outdated, if you choose to install Jango.

This product understands the needs of end users, designers and developers. It is powerful, yet user-friendly and flexible. In addition, its layout is compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. It will also work with any web browser on the market. Every component consists of a reusable block. By mixing and matching these blocks, you will be able to design a unique page. With enough imagination, no two sites will ever look alike.



H-Code is a creative, responsive and powerful one-page template. It is obvious that a ton of research went into the development of this product, given that it reflects the latest web design trends. H-Code is very versatile, given its large roster of practical features. It can basically fit any role. As a customer, you can use it for service, wedding, personal resume, eCommerce, photography, corporate, travel, restaurant, spa, architecture, fashion, and design agency web pages.

You can even save time by implementing some pre-made templates and portfolio settings. Your portfolio will certainly impress any potential employer. The sheer number of customization options is staggering. As the site owner, you will be able to modify the shortcodes, portfolio options, and layouts. Regardless of your taste, H-Code will allow you to create a page that perfectly matches your vision.

The greatest gesture of respect for your followers, would be to not waste their time. Slow loading speeds can cripple even the best websites or applications. Thankfully, H-Code has lightning-fast loading, guaranteeing a solid browsing experience for everyone. In addition, this product is optimized for search engines. For those who wish to sample H-Code without having to spend any money, a live preview was added.



Landing a new client or applying for a position ultimately depends on how well you are able to sell your brand. Make is a charming HTML template that can enhance your portfolio. It has many useful features and layout variations. Potential employers will be impressed by its streamlined design. You can even showcase products, and display them in an attractive manner.

Make is very impressive, and it will continue to improve over time. The template will receive future updates, each promising to expand and refine your page’s capabilities. Make will include the Page Builder tool which allows customers to test out multiple page designs while saving their progress. You cannot lose your previous designs, and you may export them at any time, as long as there is a PHP-enabled web server.

Both Multipage and Onepage demos are available, in addition to 12+ homepage variations. There are 24 different portfolio pages, and also 6 different styles for your project page. The Menus can be transparent, dark, or light. Make also incorporate the Revolution Slider premium plugin for free, allowing you to save $14. If you want to explore these features and more, be sure to access the template’s live preview.



Urban is an excellent Bootstrap web application admin template. It features a large number of unique layouts, pre-designed skin for headers and sidebars, and Grunt and Bower build processes. In addition, Urban has an HTML and Angular JS version. You can use it for your web apps, admin dashboards, CRM and CMS. An Online Customizer was included, enabling the creation of personalized CSS and Less. For users with less experience, a detailed, well-written, and comprehensive documentation file was added. It contains information regarding every Urban feature. It can turn anyone into an overnight expert.

Mobile users can rejoice, given that this template has eliminated all compatibility issues. Your app will be able to function of tablets, laptops, smartphones, and Desktop PCs. Cross-browser compatibility was also added. With Urban, the personalization opportunities are limitless. You can even design your own templates. The code is streamlined and intuitive, making it easy to modify. It also results in higher loading speeds, enhancing the customer’s browsing experience. Multiple Table options were implemented, in addition to some beautiful Fontawesome icons, feather icon fonts, and Climacon weather icon fonts. A live preview was made available, for customers who wish to sample Urban without having to commit to a purchase.



If you are searching for a top-quality template, look no further than Kwoon. It can be used to improve personal blogs, business pages, and portfolio sites. Regardless of your niche or preference, Kwoon has you covered. Site owners can easily select a single page or multi-page layout, depending on their needs. There are also 3 slider options and 3 header variations. Kwoon pride itself in being fully responsive, capable of accommodating any customer. The layout will effortlessly adapt to the screens of smaller devices such as tablets and smartphones. In addition, customers can enjoy touch swipe support and cross-browser compatibility.

As the page visitor scrolls down the page, he/she will get to enjoy some gorgeous animations. MailChimp support was made available, allowing site owners to setup an informative weekly newsletter for their followers. Of course, social feeds from Instagram, Flickr and Dribbble were enabled. You can enjoy 14 beautiful color schemes, and many interesting Google Font options. Kwoon is optimized for search engines, maximizing your chances of getting a good position on search engine rankings. Parallax effects were also added, in addition to some filterable portfolio settings. If you want to sample Kwoon without having to spend any money, be sure to access the live preview.



Without a doubt, Enar is one of the best HTML/CSS templates on the market. It is entirely responsive, capable of working with any device, web browser, or operating system. It was built using the prolific Bootstrap framework, and it can be used for corporate, creative, company, blog, or personal websites. It should also be mentioned that a WordPress version of Enar will be released soon. With this product, you can design a top-quality blog in a matter of minutes. There are also 136 HTML files and more than 20 fully-functional homepage variations. Enar is available in both dark and light color schemes. With so many options, lack of choice will never be an issue.

The layout is Retina-ready, compatible with high-resolution Retina displays. The performance of this template is lightning-fast, resulting in an excellent browsing experience for any user. Enar also has 10 flexible widgets, and jaw-dropping Parallax effects. Users can choose to include YouTube background videos and HTML background videos. Touch swipe capabilities are enabled, in addition to a full screen slider and vector maps. Enar offers responsive carousels, an exclusive style switcher and charming scroll animations. For more information, be sure to check out the live preview.


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