35 Free Stock Photo Websites For Every Situation 2017

StokPic Free Stock Photo

Free stock photo is extremely hard to find. Professional companies hold a great share of the stock photo market – and sometimes, they charge more than $50 for a single photo. Even if you manage to go through all that hassle and find a stock photo that’s not blurry, has high resolution and no watermark, you still can’t be sure it’s free. Someone might upload a copyrighted image somewhere and you download it thinking that it’s free for use. You just unwittingly committed copyright infringement. In some situations, you might actually have to call a lawyer. To avoid those situations, Colorlib has curated a list of 35 websites that use Creative Commons 0 license, meaning you can use them freely for personal or commercial purposes.


Picjumbo Free Stock Photo

Picjumbo markets itself as “totally free photos for your commercial & personal works” website. Over thousand free stock photos, more than dozen categories and over two million downloads since its inception, Picjumbo is one of the greatest free stock photo depository sites.


Pixabay Free Stock Photo

Pixabay offers more than 450,000 free photos, vectors and art illustrations. Make sure to use their extensive search engine to specify the tiniest details while searching for your photo and we are sure something will come up to satisfy your needs.


Libreshot Free Stock Photo

Libreshot.com offers “Beautiful photos. Totally free.” All photographs on this site are taken by one man and their origin is guaranteed. While images are divided into categories, search box usage is recommended as well as following tags in case you don’t find what you need on your first try.


StockSnap Free Stock Photo

Stocksnap.io says they have hundreds of high-resolution images added weekly. One quick glance at their website and you’ll see they are completely honest. If you don’t find that perfect photo on your first visit, come back next week and you’ll have hundreds of new photos to go through.


Pexels Free Stock Photo

Pexels adds 10 new free stock photos every day. Every photo found here also has metadata included, details like size, aspect ratio, camera, shutter speed etc.


Isorepublic Free Stock Photo

Isorepublic.com markets itself as a depository of “High quality, free photos for creatives”. It has five different categories for creatives, plus “various” category, which contains surprisingly large amount of photos.


Designerpics Free Stock Photo

Designerpics.com is an initiative from single designer to bring photos to those who need them. It’s an ongoing project and new photos are added regularly. An impressive feat considering all these photos are being submitted by a single person.


Realisticshots Free Stock Photo

Realisticshots.com only has a single catch if you want to use their free stock photo. You must make something creative! Every week you’ll find 7 new photos so check back often for some inspiration.


Splitshire Free Stock Photo

Splitshire.com offers more than 500 high-quality free stock photos in more than 20 categories. It’s periodically updated and has decent sized depository.


Foodiesfeed Free Stock Photo

Foodiesfeed.com is focused on free food stock images. Great photo selection that will make you crave for a snack while browsing through their photo selection.


Unsplash Free Stock Photo

Unsplash.com adds 10 new photos every 10 days. With thousand of photos to chose from, you’ll probably find something of interest while browsing unslash.com


Gratisography Free Stock Photo

With 6 categories updated weekly, Ryan McGuire brings unique (and sometimes rather bizarre) free stock photos. Definitely check out this website if you want or need something different and unique.


Kaboompics Free Stock Photo

Kaboompics.com markets itself as a place for business of personal projects. With more than thousand photos to choose from, you’ll bound to find something for your business here.


Fancycrave Free Stock Photo

Fancycrave.com adds 2 new images every day. It’s a great free stock photo resource website for designers, developers, artists, and creatives, as they say it themselves.


Stockphoto Free Stock Photo

Stockphotos.io is a high quality, high resolution public domain and Creative Commons licensed professional free stock photos sharing community. That’s a mouthful. Currently they have around 27,000 images.


LifeOfPix Free Stock Photo

Weekly added photographies donated to the public domain. Over 600 unique free stock photos for use.


StartipStockPhotos Free Stock Photo

Startupstockphotos.com is mainly focused on startup and business environment, but offers plenty more free stock photos.


NOS Free Stock Photo

The “nos” in website name stands for “New Old Stock”. It’s a website that offers free vintage photos from public archives. Now you too can recapture history!


JayMantri Free Stock Photo

Jaymantri.com is a small free stock photo depository run by a single person. What it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality.


TravelCoffeeBook Free Stock Photo

Travelcoffeebook.com is all about sharing beutiful travel moments with its users. For some unknown reason, they also have a lot of coffee stock photos too.


Picography Free Stock Photo

Picography.co only features hundred or so stock photos, but they are hand-picked to ensure that every free stock photo on the website has something unique to offer.


Albumarium Free Stock Photo

Albumarium.com offers a unique approach to finding and sharing stock photos by allowing users to create “albums” and filling them up with relevant content. Everyone can create an album and start sharing their own photos!


StokPic Free Stock Photo

Stokpic.com is a one man show and that man believes in transparency. Make sure to click on “See the stats” once you find that free stock photo, just to see what one man with true passion can achieve.


GoodFreePhotos Free Stock Photo

A large free stock photo site with thousands of public domain photos including landscapes, objects, animals, plants, textures, and many other free photos. All photos were taken by one man.


PhotosByPeople Free Stock Photo

Photos.bypeople.com is a repository of free and curated stock photos brought to you by people around the world. A neat option is a bundle builder, select the photos you want and bundle them together for a single download.


4FreePhotos Free Stock Photo

4freephotos.com offers more than 4 photos, of course. More approximate number would be 7000 free stock photos available for your convenience.


ADigitalDreamer Free Stock Photo

Over thousand free stock photos at your disposal on this website. Unfortunately, the last update was almost 6 months ago, and we’re not sure if there will be updates any time soon.


Bajstock Free Stock Photo

Bajstock offers over 9000 free stock photos. The website navigation might be a bit tricky since it’s in French language.


BigFoto Free Stock Photo

Bigfoto.com might not be the prettiest site that you’ve visited, but it features some beautiful free stock photos made by amateur photographs.


FreeImagesCoUk Free Stock Photo

Over 13,000 free stock photos in 88 categories awaits you on this website. Great selection for all your needs.


DeathToTheStockPhoto Free Stock Photo

With a somewhat strange name for a website dealing with free stock photos, two rogue photographers from deathtothestockphoto.com are trying to bring you more than awesome content directly to your email inbox.


FreeNatureStock Free Stock Photo

Freenaturestock.com is website dedicated to nature and photos of it. It makes life more beautiful by giving us one free stock photo per day.


AnimalPhotos Free Stock Photo

Unfortunately, this website is no longer being updated, but it still has an impressive depository of animal stock photos. You probably didn’t hear about some animal species featured here.


FreePhotoFrame Free Stock Photo

You can’t get free photo frames or purchase them on this website, but what you can get is an ultimate resource for digital photo frames. Many different shapes and styles to frame your pictures or print inside them.


DummyImage Free Stock Photo

You didn’t find what you were looking for on any websites from the list? You can’t decide which free stock photo to use? Do you want placeholder photo but you don’t want anything fancy? Dummyimage.com is your solution. Enter the size, background color, foreground color, format, and text. After that. you get perfect custom placeholder image, ready for use.


  1. Giorgio Galeotti

    Hi, I’d like to submit the free (CC Attribution-ShareAlike) photo web site that I just started.

  2. Aigars

    Unfortunately, your website can’t be listed as there are very limited selection of images available and all of them are outdated. Above listed free stock photo websites does have much wider selection and all images are new and does have a much better quality.

  3. Nick

    Hi there,
    I run a free CC0 stock photo email subscription service — thestockpile.net — that might be a good addition to this post if you guys update it at all or do a similar post in the future.
    thanks for your consideration!

  4. Franck

    Just to let you know that I’m sharing more than 4000 downloadable photos on Flickr, all available for free under the CC0 license :https://www.flickr.com/photos/cc0/

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