50 Free HTML5 And CSS3 Login Forms For Your Website 2016

Html5 Css Login Forms

Login forms are everywhere on the web. Are you using the social networks? You must go through login form of some sort. Do you have an email? Did you join any forums? Did you try to leave a comment on a WordPress site? To gain access to anything on the internet, the chances are you will have to go through some sort of login process. You will probably have to register first, sign up or leave some information behind. You will have to use some sort of login form to do anything on the internet.

So what do Login Forms have to do with HTML and CSS? They are both the essential parts of the Login Forms.

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a standard markup language used to create web pages. HTML elements are building blocks of all websites.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is a language used for describing the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language. Such as HTML!

We use HTML to build a website and CSS to make it look nice. That is what most of the users encounter while browsing the web.

We’ve made a list of 50 free login forms that you can use on your WordPress site, blog, forum or anywhere else. This is a hand-picked list by Colorlib to ensure the highest quality of the forms. Each and every form has been thoroughly tested to ensure no components are missing and source code is available with every download. Of course, you are free to use these forms for personal and commercial purposes, with no need for attribution.

Creative Login Form


Simple yet creative login form created using HTML5 and CSS3. This form can be used as registration form as well. This is our favorite template on this list thanks to its flexibility and similarity that allows you to create

DropDown Login Form

DropDown Login Form

The form is hidden unless you click on “Login” option. Really great feature for modern websites that want to avoid having a separate page for the login form. You can display the form anywhere on your website with this powerful tool.

Floating Sign Up Form

Floating Sign Up Login Form CSS3 HTML5

A design for a Sign Up form using tabs and floating form labels.

Simple Login Form

Simple Login Form CSS3 HTML5

What was initially made to stop people from entering one person’s WordPress site, it became a really popular form due to its simplicity and neat design.

Flat Login – Sign Up Form

Flat Login Form Sign Up Form

Once you click “Click me” button in top-right corner, you will get smooth animation that transforms this Login form to Sign up form.

Login With Self-Contained SCSS Form

Login Form Self Contained SCSS CSS3 HTML5

This is a form with self-contained SCSS. An extension of CSS that adds power and elegance to the basic language. It allows to use variables, nested rules, mixins, inline imports, and more.

Facebook Login

Simple Facebook Login Form CSS3 HTML5

This is a simple Facebook form that can be imported to your site with ease.

Animated Login Form

Animated Login Form CSS3 HTML5

This is actually an animated Login form, with top “Hey you, Login already” transforming into the form at the bottom. Smooth animation effects.

Login Form Using CSS3 And HTML5

Login Form CSS3 HTML5 Textbook Example

This is an example on how to create a simple login form using HTML5 and CSS3. This form uses pseudo elements (:after and :before) to create the multi page effect. These elements are rotated using the CSS3 transform property. This form uses HTML5 to make validation and submission easy.

iPhone Login Template

iPhone Login Phone CSS3 HTML5

A creative way to showcase a login form on iPhone. Colorlib has already made a list of hand-picked quality iPhone 6 mockups
that you can use in combination with this form.

Login With Shake Effect

Login Form CSS3 HTML5 Shake Effect

Once you enter a wrong password in this form, a nice shake effect will warn you that you did not enter the correct password. A simple and effective solution that will point out the problem of incorrect passwords.

Boxy Login Form

Boxy Login Form CSS3 HTML5

A boxy login form with a little surprise. Try “admin” as a username, and “1234” as a password, for full experience.

Animated Login Form

Animated Login Form CSS3 HTML5

Neat little login form. Once you click on “LOGIN” on the left side, animation effect creates neat little login form on the right. Definitely unique approach!

Elegant Login

Elegant Login CSS3 HTML5

Material Design Form

Material Design Form CSS3 HTML5

Bootstrap Snippet Form

Bootstrap Snippet Please Login CSS3 HTML5

Login With Flat UI

Login With Flat UI Form

Trendy UI Kits Form

Trendy UI Kits Login

Flat Login With Flat Design

Flat Login Flat Design

Dashboard CSS3 HTML5 Form

Dashboard CSS3 HTML5 Form

Login With Recovery Form

Simple Form With Recovery

Flat Login Form

Flat Login With CSS3 HTML5

Transparent Login


Login With Google Chrome Extension

Login With Chrome Extension Form

Elegant Flat Form

Long Login CSS3 HTML5

Stylized Login Form

Stylized Login Form

jQuery Animated Sliding Login Form

jQuery Animated Form

Responsive Login

Responsive Login CSS3 HTML5

Transparent Form

Transparent Form CSS3 HTML5

Login With Social Integration

Social Integration Form

Show And Hide Password Form Example

Show Hide Password Form

Log ‘N Load Animated Form

Log And Load Animated Form CSS3 HTML5

Flat Modern Login Form

Flat Modern Form

Flat CSS3 Form With Animated Background

Flat Login CSS3 Form

CSS3 Cloud Animated Background Form

CSS3 Cloud Animated Login Background

My Login Form

My Login Form

Simple Form For Inspiration

Simple Login Inspiration

CSS3 Form With Logo

CSS3 HTML5 Login With Logo

CSS3 Form With Shadow

Login With Shadow HTML5

Flat UI Form V2

Flat UI Login CSS3

Simple Login Widget

Login Widget Template

Fancy Login Form

Fancy Login Form

Green And Yellow Form

Green And Yellow Login

Simple Form With Spinning Loader

Simple Form With Spinning Loader CSS3 HTML5

Material Shadow Form

Form With Material Shadow CSS3 HTML5

Password Protected Form

Password Protected Login CSS3

Paper Login CSS3 Form

Paper Login HTML5

Bootstrapped Twitter Login Form

Bootstrapped Twitter Login CSS3

Transparent Form With Logo

Transparent Site Login HTML5

Modern Login Form

Modern Login CSS3 HTML5


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    Unfortunately, these are just plain HTML/CSS login forms that you can’t use directly on your WordPress website. These login forms doesn’t have their own functionality and are just created for inspiration or to be taken its code and ported to web apps and CMS such as WordPress.

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    There is no easy way to just install and activate these to be used for WordPress. You will need to port it to be used for WordPress. Much simpler solution would be to use something like these plugins that that will help you to customize WordPress login without touching any code.


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